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Beatrice "Bea" Anagree

Beatrice 'Bea' Anagree

First appearance: November 14, 2002

Spiritual and a little shy, Bea is an optimistic person who always looks forward to the future with a smile. She has been Sarah's roommate since their freshman year in college and their different approaches tend to strike a peaceful neutrality.

To get Bea out of her shell, Sarah arranged a date between her and Todd early in their freshman year. What happened there has yet to be said, but the end result was clear: they weren't compatible.

Current status: With Sarah and Lauren

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Lauren Cartwright

Lauren Cartwright

First appearance: January 10, 2005

Curiosity is Lauren's dominant trait. Without it, she might have been spared joining her home dimension's resistance movement against The Guardian and her subsequent travels across dimensions. Sometimes, Lauren has difficulty keeping her priorities straight but is quick to note the lack of them in others.

Originally, Lauren was a college student studying biology. She didn't get very far in the degree program before The Guardian took over her home and demanded the capture of one Scott Harbor. Ever since, she has been granted the opportunity to explore the unknown and experience completely new places and people, something she won't easily give up.

Current status: With Bea and Sarah

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Sarah Elizabeth Conner

Sarah Elizabeth Conner

First appearance: September 27, 2002

Strong willed and spirited, Sarah is bold and willing to do whatever it takes to get her point across. While her temper may be quick, she is sensible enough to know when to hold her punches. She is well rooted in what she perceives as reality even with Scott constantly breaking the rules of physics.

Sarah's past is a bit mixed - she learned to stand up for herself having as many brothers as she did but ended up being vulnerable in high school when she was raped by a boyfriend she trusted. Since then, she has done her best to become stronger as a person (including numerous karate classes).

For a short time, and after a lot of prodding and hard lessons about love, Sarah and Todd were an item. This ended shortly after she was reminded of the difficulties she had in past relationships.

Current status: With Lauren and Bea

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Enshi / Alex

Enshi / Alex

First appearance: January 15, 2004

Optimistic and cheerful, Enshi (referred to Alex while she's with Todd and company) is somewhat of a spiritual guide for Todd in the ways of his supposed past life. She quickly adapted to the ways of Todd's world and easily got along with the rest of the group. For a while, she held a candle for Todd's affection based on her relationship with what she considers his previous life. Her feelings were hurt when Todd chose Sarah, but she buried these feelings deep down.

The motives for what Enshi does are not entirely clear. She abandoned her home of dimensia in order to be closer to Todd but had to return in order to set Scott on the path of recovering everyone from his failed dimensional travel experiment.

Current status: In dimensia

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Scott Oliver Harbor

Scott Oliver Harbor

First appearance: December 9, 2002

Easily given to impulse, Scott goes where many fear to tread and then some. He started out as a nuclear engineer but ended up detouring down the road of mad science (which, really, isn't that much of a detour). His inventions can and often have explosive results lending to the nickname he's had since high school: "Over-the-Edge".

Despite his unstable experiments, Scott tends to be well-grounded and does his best to think things through. However, sometimes his best isn't enough especially when it comes to tinkering with time and dimensional travel. He takes responsibility for everything that happens because of his inventions (usually after the fact) and tends to shoulder and carry that responsibility.

Lyn and Scott were in a relationship for a short period of time while the original time travel device was being created and tested. Despite her repeated disappearances and betrayals, Scott still holds a flame for the one person who shared his passions.

Current status: Gathering everyone to rescue Todd

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Robert "Skip" Hertz

Robert 'Skip' Hertz

First appearance: October 9, 2002

Behold the epitome of Star Trek knowledge. Skip was, is and ever shall be the personification of an obsessed Star Trek fan having worn a Star Trek uniform since grade school. Skip's love for Star Trek only fuels his desire to know more about computers for which he is pursuing an engineering and science degree for.

Skip's upbringing with computer gaming left him woefully unprepared for dealing with the opposite gender. He has been rejected time and time again through slaps and other rude gestures, but this leaves him unfazed. His prowess at kicking butt online only serves to refill his confidence in such endeavors.

When introduced to Scott, the two hit it off immediately. Skip is a glutton for punishment and overenthusiastic, so he ends up being the perfect match for Scott's occasional bouts of mad science. This ultimately lead to Skip's disappearance and assumed transport to an alternate dimension.

Current status: Unknown. He could be alive in some other dimension or accidentally spread across an infinite number of them like a fine jam

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Tokashi "Toji" Jinei

Tokashi 'Toji' Jinei

First appearance: September 16, 2002

Stubborn and sure of himself, Toji (as his friends call him) is the paramount of geeky computer knowledge. Of everyone in the cast, he is one of the lucky few that is gainfully employed with a career and salary to match. Even though a bit standoffish, Toji can be quite personable if approached in the right way. He is logical to a fault, but not of the general protection sort.

Toji shared a dorm room and later a duplex with Todd from the beginning of his college career. More than once Toji has instructed in the ways of the computer geek even going as far as to reveal the ultimate secrets of the lava lamp.

Before Todd, Toji shared quarters with Skip which ended in a love/hate relationship - Skip loved to get in trouble and Toji hated that. Ever since, Toji became something of a guardian keeping him out of any serious dangers.

Current status: Preparing to leave with Scott on a mission to rescue Todd

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First appearance: August 26, 2002

Lyn is an android created by The Guardian to act as his right hand by stepping in places and spreading his influence where he did not wish to go himself. Her chief mission was to assist Scott in the creation of his time travel device for a yet to be revealed reason.

For the longest time, Lyn was split between her duty and her emotions. The Guardian wanted her to take advantage of Scott's technology but in the process she ended up falling for him. Hard. The relationship was very rocky after her first disappearance (read: recall by The Guardian) due to her conflicted feelings.

In an alternate dimension, Lyn did her best to stop a duplicate of herself from capturing Scott for The Guardian. Her circuitry failed, and she "died" at that time. Scott took her damaged body back home with him for repair.

Current status: Broken and awaiting repair on Scott's workbench

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Todd Q. Mallory

Todd Q Mallory

First appearance: August 28, 2002

Todd Mallory is a college student pursuing a degree in computer science. Like many his age, he still wonders about where he's going in life and what the end result will be (don't we all?). Events of the past few years, including learning about a past life and the reintroduction of Scott Harbor, have led Todd to be somewhat pragmatic, if not a bit cynical, from his original innocent and enthusiastic demeanor.

When Scott invented time travel, Todd intended to use the technology to go back and save his mother from a fatal car accident with a drunk driver. Todd's intervention in fact caused the event, driving him into a depression that would not alleviate for many months. This came on the heels of Sarah Conner asking him out since he didn't have the nerve himself. They eventually did form a relationship, but Sarah's own past intervened and brought it to end.

Scott's creation of dimensional travel once again prompted Todd to tag along uninvited. Through a series of events in other dimensions, Todd became adept at defending himself but not well enough to prevent capture by The Guardian for his role in the creation of Scott's time and dimensional travel device.

Current status: Held prisoner by The Guardian

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First appearance: January 10, 2005

Logical and sensible, Robnob is a voice of reason when emotions clutter one's view. He was instrumental in aiding Lyn in escaping from The Guardian and was her companion during their traversal of numerous dimensions.

Robnob has no long-term aspirations as of yet. His creation by The Guardian seemed to ensure a life cycle of servitude that now has been broken. What does one do when they are free and have never known freedom?

Current status: With Scott planning Todd's rescue

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