The internet is virtually choked with the number of comics that are emerging. Below is a keyboard containing links to a few that stand above the rest. Just press a key and you will be whisked away via a new window or tab (based on your browser preferences) to the selected area.

A few quick notes first. The numbered keys link to videos of music or imagery that inspired if then else. You can even play them in the preview window by navigating your mouse cursor above the keyboard and then pressing play in the window. The orange keys link to comics that may contain mature content, including, but not limited to, profanity, nudity or graphic violence. Consider these links "not safe for work".

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Absurd Notions Crossworlds The Devil's Panties Doctor Who: The Ten Doctors The Dreamland Chronicles Dresden Codak Evil Inc. Evil Overlords United Fallen Angels Used Books Finder's Keepers
Galaxion General Protection Fault Help Desk Magellan Melonpool Minus Narbonic Nukees NSTA: Semper Vigilantis One Small Step
Opey the Warhead Paradigm Shift Sea of Insanity Sequential Art Sinfest Skin Deep SPQR Blues Starslip Super Temps The Tao of Geek
The Wandering Ones Wapsi Square Weregeek Who Says Space Quest Is Dead? Zebra Girl Zortic
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