Without the cast of characters, if then else would just be a plot moving through various partially-drawn sceneries. Everyone involved in the comic has been categorized below based on their status (main or supporting character) or their dimension (dimensia, Federated Guild of Superheroes, The Guardian's Realm). Some have yet to be completed, so the details have been omitted for the time being.

What, you expected spoilers? Insights on the characters, maybe, but no spoilers.

main cast

Beatrice Anagree | Lauren Cartwright | Sarah Conner | Enshi / Alex | Scott Harbor | Robert Hertz | Tokashi Jinei | Lyn | Todd Mallory | Robnob

supporting cast

Josh Anagree | Sarah Conner (resistance) | Paul Gibson | Scott Harbor (resistance) | Harlan | Mia Jinei | Professor Sean Mallory | Mira | Nate the Snake | Jim North | "Unknown Girl"


Celeste | Cila | Enshi | Panin | Xam

Federated Guild of Superheroes

The Anonymous Unknown | Aura | Chamois Cloth Man | Flashdance | Limax | Pik | Super Visor | Sylph | Unitzoid | Wednesday

The Guardian's Realm

The Guardian | Alpha | The Drones |Lyn #1 | Lyn #2 | "Red Robot"

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