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Online Comics Day

Every May 5th, the online comics community raises awareness of its emerging medium. Anyone participating directs their readers to spread the word about webcomics and thank the comic creators (when did this become a religion?). if then else's contributions are listed below by year with the original flavor text that accompanied each comic.

2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007


Online Comics Day 2004 Comic

For those not in the know, May 5, 2004, is Online Comics Day! Please take some time today to let your favorite evil webcartoonists know that they're doing a great job.

The if then else submission for this event features Pete Abrams, creator of Sluggy Freelance. Is he really this evil? Those who know for sure disappeared mysteriously soon after they found out . . .

Other Evil Comic Suggestions

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Sacred Pie
Sea of Insanity
The Tao of Geek
Zebra Girl

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Online Comics Day 2005 Comic

Online cartoonists spend many hours of their free time scripting, drawing, editing and publishing their works free to you, the random internet denizen. Please take a moment on Online Comics Day to let them know that you enjoy their work either through e-mail, chat programs or message boards.

Below is a listing of webcomics that you may or may not have seen before. If you have a moment to spare, check out some of the finest comics the internet has to offer.

As per update regulation, there is also a storyline comic today. Click here to view it.

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Online Comics Day 2006 Comic

As you can see, the path an online cartoonist must face is difficult. Please take the time on Online Comics Day to support these artists who sacrifice their spare time to provide free entertainment on the internet.

How can you show your support? The methods vary from cartoonist to cartoonist, but by far the easiest is to view their webcomics, increasing their ad hits. The following are a few suggestions that are not found on my links page . . .

You can also check out the other Online Comics Day submissions at the website, www.comicsday.com.

And, of course, there is also a storyline comic today! Click here to view it.

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Online Comics Day 2007 Comic

As the comic says, the best way to celebrate Online Comics Day is to let your favorite cartoonists know you read their work. Fan e-mail can lift a cartoonist's spirits and even motivate them to press on!

Should you ever want more comics to add to your reading list, check out what's offered at Blank Label Comics, Comic Genesis, Girlamatic, Keenspot, Studio Antithesis or Webcomics Nation. And, of course, there's the standard collection on my links page.

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